Become a Pen Pal


Pen Pal program clubs one child with one adult. They exchange letters, meetings, and conversations. Through participating in this program you will be able to make a complete stranger your Pal. You will be able to connect with someone who might be geographically far away, culturally different, a lot younger with a very distinct understanding and view of the world than you. You will be able to share your feelings and experiences with a little Pal of yours.  

Commitment from the Pen Pal

  • You have to write 6 letters, one every alternate month to your Pal, in a year.
  • You will be receiving 6 letters from your Pal in a year.
  • You have to bear the cost of the post for you and for your Pal (The cost of the post from your Pal will be charged as a registration fee. Find details below).

Responsibilities of the Pen Pal

  1. Ensure friendly, fruitful and productive communications.
  2. Establish a connection/bond with the Child
  3. Establish a nurturing relationship with the child.
  4. Become a mentor to the child
  5. Stick to the rules and CEHRO policies
  6. Ensure all your commitments are met
  7. Ensure a regular, timely and strong communication with the Pen Pal Facilitator

Responsibilities of the Pen Pal Facilitator

  1. Ensure friendly, fruitful, and productive communications.
  2. Support and guide Pen Pals
  3. Facilitate conversations and letter exchanges.
  4. Act as a point of contact for the Pen Pals
  5. Assess the program’s success
  6. Ensure no policy violations are taking place

Make sure you are a part of the child's story of success. The fee to participate in the program and cost of the post of all letters is 500 INR for a year. The fee is charged to recover the cost of the letters posted by the child.
Please read ' Child Protection Policy_CEHRO_INDIA_0001001 ' and ' Guidelines, Rules and Privacy Policy l Pen Pal Program l CEHRO INDIA ' very carefully before filling up the registration form.

Here is the registration form-