Kids are benefitting from our early childhood program

 Children attending after school classes have shown significant improvement in their reading, writing and maths level  

Students who appeared in 10th and 12th board in
2016-17 cleared it  

Increase in enrolment at the centre in 5 years





107 out of 123 students got eployment and 10 went to college

Average Attendance

People from the community were given an opportunity to work with us

School Admissions
EWS- 7
Dropout- 24
​New Admission- 42





Cal increase in average nutrition intake per day

books in community library with 235 Story Books read every month

on an average, a student sees a doctor




  • Due to improved health condition and sanitation, absenteeism has declined significantly
  • Students are self aware and they constantly look for opportunities and ask for support
  • More students now want to go for higher education
  • Employment has made many youths self dependent and other youths in the community look at them as role models

Children and Community

Fear to Freedom- Parents who feared in letting their children participate in extra co-curricular activities now motivate them to explore different fields


  • Parents encourage other parents in the community to educate their children
  • Mind-set shift from “my child can’t” to “my child can”
  • Parents actively participate in school PTMs and SMC  
  • Parents have recognized their role in child’s growth and in spite of blaming school they have started taking responsibilities

First Step to Success of First Kids of CEHRO INDIA

  Last year, we started with a batch of 13 students of class 5th. From this batch, out of seven students, five students got enrolled in Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya’s entrance exam for class 6th and one student topped the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya entrance exam.  

Stories of Change

Soni Kumari, a 17-year-old girl, always appreciates the constant support from CEHRO INDIA. Originally from an underprivileged background, she could not receive a proper education. She used to be made fun of for her poor English, which made her lose self-confidence in the long run. This was enough to make her behaviour as rude as she proved herself to be. She has lived in a small village in New Delhi for almost 15 years, where her parents run their own compact coffee shop. Despite her limited circumstances, she has been at least always happy with her supporting family.

One day in 2013, her mother came to know about CEHRO and encouraged Soni to join the organization. After two months of her learning with the organization, she has acquired what she could not have done before. What’s more, she has changed her perverse nature. “Had it not been the help of Surjeet sir, I would have been the same old self,” said Soni. Her changed attitude towards people is the most noticeable performance she had made.

Being a student for 5 years now, she is helping out her juniors with their studies at the same centre. Even though she sometimes faces a difficulty in teaching them, she motivates herself as a great mentor. Recently she applied for B.A. course in German language at Jawaharlal Nehru University. She is looking forward to her studies so that she can also utilize the language in her future career. She wants to become an Indian service police officer. Her aim is to help German people as well as the poor and those in danger. Having witnessed some people who suffered from a language barrier in Delhi, she especially decided to be of help as an interpreter.

Life is a journey full of experiences while we have some memories which we cherish throughout, some remain as black spots embedded in our minds. In spite of many problems, some choose to face them and come out with positivity. Suman Saurabh is a fine example of this. Suman belongs to a low-income family background and is based in Munirka village. He received his schooling from a Hindi medium Municipal school and like many in the country, he was hesitant to speak in English. He got to know about the TEACH INDIA program in school and Surjeet sir, who is the founder of CEHRO also suggested him to join the program. He, in fact, filled his form and gave him the push to join the TEACH INDIA program.

Suman feels joining the program was the best decision that he took and he has not only become confident and mature but he has seen a tremendous change in his personality. He accepts that he has a long way to go and has to keep learning many new things, that’s what makes his attitude even more attractive. He’s a very positive person who is willing to grow and learn every day. He is the eldest child in the family and has two younger sisters and at the age of 19 has the responsibility of looking after the family. He thanks CEHRO INDIA and TEACH INDIA because of their help he is working with Big Bazar, Ambience mall, Vasant Kunj as a team member. He draws a salary of ten thousand per month which isn’t huge but he knows it will increase because of his hard work and he aims to tread towards the path of positivity.

Even though he is working but he has enrolled in a B.A program from School of Open Learning and is also doing a Diploma in Information Technology from the Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute. This clearly shows that his interest in education and the willingness to learn is of utmost importance. Suman is the one of those who make an extra effort to reach that extra mile, and hence he likes watching YouTube videos and hearing eminent speeches and likes reading important quotes by prominent people so that he improves his English language, accent and remains highly motivated. He believes that one learns if one has the interest to do it, else anything which is forced upon cannot be achieved.

Suman has a long way to go and a bright future ahead of him. It’s the spark in his eyes to do something despite the obstacles which make him unique. TEACH INDIA and CEHRO INDIA were life changers for him and the confidence and personality change he got by learning English and communication skills made him more sure that he wasn’t less than anyone else. His constant chase after his dreams and to improve himself every day is his key component which will get him huge success in the future.