Sponsor A Child

A successful life would mean an employment opportunity which can support their families economically and an education which can make them a responsible citizen. There are multiple problems to achieve this huge goal against the current trend of less than 10% students going to the college from Munirka Village, Delhi. The reasons for students who are not able to get a job, reach college or finish school can range from academic failure, socio-income background, disinterest and loss of hope in the system, gender discrimination, disease and malnutrition. Read More

Become A Pen Pal

Pen Pal program clubs one child with one adult. They exchange letters, meetings, and conversations. Through participating in this program you will be able to make a complete stranger your Pal. You will be able to connect with someone who might be geographically far away, culturally different, a lot younger with a very distinct understanding and view of the world than you. You will be able to share your feelings and experiences with a little Pal of yours. Read More


Don't want to commit to recurring donations? Donate One Time or use In-Kind donation to help us. Read More

The Shared Birthday Project

The Shared Birthday Project helps underserved children celebrate their birthdays with a bang. For the families fighting poverty, celebrating a birthday often doesn't fit the bill. It gets deprioritized, neglected and forgotten. On the other hand, a lot of us do want to share our special occasions with the less fortunate. We celebrate our birthdays at an orphanage, shelter homes or learning centres in multiple ways. The shared birthday project is one of suh ways in which you can share the joy with children by sharing your birthday with them. Read More

CSR Partnership

To be a part of long-lasting change we all of us have to come together to make it possible. CSR is the continuous commitment of a corporate body towards the improvement of the society. Be a part of our movement to make lasting change by partnering with us.

To Partner With us contact at info@cehroindia.org

Internship/ Volunteership

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